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  • The Wonderful Artist: The beautiful, fair lady Amber Keegan is an up and coming artist, writer, and animator from Leeds, United Kingdom. Amber’s debut project is Marionette, a French Revolution inspired novel, which you can read all about on her website.

  • The Sensational Artist: The awesome, new kid on the block Andres Rivera is an up and coming artist from Mexico City, Mexico. Andres is a new artist to the comic book industry. Andres’ skill and talent will grow for the best with time and opportunity. Check out more of his work.

  • The Amazing Artist: The upcoming, indie veteran of the team, Emmanuel Francisco. He’s the new member to the Petri Dish team, creating his lovely, detailed artwork from Pasig City, Philippines. We are super fans here of his work and also fortunate to be working with such great talent. Please follow Mannix hereCheck out more of his work.

  • The Dynamic Illustrators: Please welcome the dope duo of Ariel Iacci (The Artist) and Ariel De Candido (Colorist). Both Ariels are from and reside in beautiful Argentina. Their teamwork is so effortlessly, creating such a visually exciting, gritty but beautiful artwork. Check out more of Ariel Iacci's work here. Please follow Ariel De Candido here and please follow Ariel Iacci here.

  • The Awesome Letterer: The Amazing Brandon DeStefano is an up and coming letterer from Baltimore, Maryland. From a very young age, Brandon knew he wanted to pursue a career in comics and that nothing would stop him from doing so. Honing his skills in writing and graphic design, he is now a published writer and letterer freelancing for several companies. 

  • And Finally, The Writer: Eric Blair is just some guy that's from Philadelphia.

The Creators: Inner_about
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