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What's The Petri Dishverse?



Hey you! Yeah you!

Have you ever felt annoyed by a co-worker that’s a 1000% a-hole? Or have you ever experienced too many uncomfortable moments with random strangers throughout your daily life? How about those mixed signals you might receive from an admirer? Have you ever been truly bothered by your friends’ constant, fast-paced shenanigans? Then guess what…This webcomic universe is for YOU!

Life beyond Ryan, Fey, Axel, Dru, & the gang's daily livelihood is a wonderful world of adventures, love, war, & mystery! You're welcomed to explore this brave new world of astonishment, passion, dread, & victory. Let's travel together throughout this ravishing world of friends, detectives, lovers, a hero, & beyond...

Welcome to the Petri Dishverse!

Welcome To Their World: Inner_about
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