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An Open Letter...

An Open Letter…

I’m not too sure how to start this; I guess I’m going to write with my feelings.

Today’s episode of My Life In A Petri Dish (Episode Seventy-Seven) will be Amber Keegan’s last featured artwork with us. Amber and I have discussed the important things she needs to handle within her life at this moment. I totally understood her daily needs plus responsibilities and I wish(ed) her the best because she deserves every piece of success in her life. I would be lying to say, it didn’t hurt to see my partner bowing out. Amber has always been a perfect creative collaborator for Petri Dish because she understood and saw the vision of this series. She also helped out a lot with the beginning stages of Scavenger Hunt as well. Honestly, I am still touched by her departure from this series but I am also truly blessed to have worked with her. I am blessed to have actually shared ideas and directions for the series with her. It was truly delightful to have exchanged dreams, career goals, and creative thoughts with Amber. We had such an amazing writer-artist run together, since 2015. She will always be an important aspect to Petri Dish and Scavenger Hunt.

Thank you, Amber for your wonderful talents. The door here will always be open for you to come back. This isn’t a goodbye; it’s just a see you later. I will always miss you, my fair lady.

Thank you once again, Amber.



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