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|Human Farms| The Conversation

“Humans are PETS!

Humans are PETS!

Humans are PETS!

Humans are PETS!”

Alexander aggressively chants to Winston as the two beings sit across from one another. A soothing warmth from the fireplace divides good friends. Winston smirks in amusement of Alexander’s boisterous chant. While Alexander’s face overcomes with a bold annoyance accompanied by a curious frown.

“Might I ask you what do you find so funny, Winston?” Alexander asks.

Winston rebuttals, “I am highly tickled of your point of view of Humans.”

Winston sits back in his chair and his eyes focus into Alexander’s piercing feline eyes.

“Humans are savages, my dear friend. Their primal nature is what confirmed their doom to becoming our pets and giving us, Aninoids, higher intelligences. One thousand years we have kept Humans alive as domestic pets, why would we change that to see them as equals?” Alexander calmly utters.

Winston passionately retorts, “Compassion, my friend!”

Alexander instantly stands from his seat while sternly pointing his clawed index finger to Winston, yelling,

“Compassion?! Have you not studied the old world holograms?! Have you not learned about the atrocities humanity has released upon the old world?! We as Aninoids have created a utopia. Two thousand years ago, I as a Tiger and you as a Pig would never dare to engage with one another. If we were living in the old world we would have been nothing more than hunter and prey. YOU dare to speak of compassion towards the same species that would’ve manipulated us to live as adversaries!”

Winston calmly sips his chilled brandy as he’s gazing up to a vexed Alexander.

“Yes, Alexander. Yes. Humans deserve our mercy.” Winston responds.

Alexander slowly sits in his seat while giving Winston fierce stares. Finally, Alexander regains his composure then utters,

“Aninoids has shown Humans mercy by keeping those relics alive as pets. The only thing those barbaric relics do is eat, grunt, scream, and procreate. I prefer to share my kindness with a common house plant. Humans are intellectual Neanderthals. We give them shelter in farms, controlled habitats, and enhanced zoos. We feed them, bathe them, and raise them as if they’re our own runts. What more compassion is needed for them?”

“Let’s try to go beyond the idea of Humans as just pets. I say we open a dialogue and try to communicate with them.” demands Winston.

Alexander’s smirk reveals his sharp teeth. Alexander pauses for a moment to sip his glass of brandy. Winston says,

“ you not agree, Alexander?”

How can you believe in such a reckless concept? Why would I want to communicate with a thing that just grunts and gives whimpering glares? Do you easily forget the parasites humanity released into the old world?” Alexander replies.

“No, but enlighten me.” Winton says.

Alexander intensely rebuttals, “How are you to disregard the errors and fall of the old world? The chemical nukes that were dropped by HUMANS only cursed them with their own true savagery nature. Humanity used faith to conquer. Raped and murdered just because THEY felt it was fit. They created massive armories and batches of devastating bombs in order to rule with fear. Their religion was conquest and slavery. Their hatred was fueled by skin complexion, sexuality, faith, gender, class, and different ideologies…Ha! You know something, they all were the same species but they held more rage and despair for one another. All they comprehended was extinction and falsified power. Why should you feel the need to share your humaneness with a devil that would gut you, stuff you with an apple, then feast on your fat? YOU, my friend, are a moronic dreamer to believe in empathy for savages.”

Winston defensily replies, “It’s very cynical of you to see only the worst in humanity. There were glimpses of love and hope in the old world from Humans.”

Alexander’s composure is relaxed with a hint of rage behind his movement and speech.

Alexander impassively says, “See! See! Right there...a glimpse. A glimpse is like looking up to a star that sparkles at night but is entirely impossible to reach. The glimpse of hope is overcome by the darkness that surrounds the star. I am proud of you that you can see beyond the darkness but to believe that a glimpse of hope is heavier than the dark matter that surrounds Humanity is amazingly terrifying, my loving friend.”

Winston sits across from Alexander, staring into the crackling fire with a puzzled expression on his face as his snout wiggles. Alexander breaks the silence by saying,

“Do my words trouble you, Winston?”

Winston replies, “No, Alexander. I’m troubled by my secrets.”

Alexander quickly leans forward with intrigue written on his face. Alexander tone trimbles with slight excitement, saying,

“Secrets are meant to be shared amongst great friends.”

Winston stares into Alexander’s ferocious, analyzing eyes. He hesitates then replies,

“Well I-I have a Hu-Human in my barn that I’ve been communicating with via sign language.”

Alexander rapidly jerks back into this seat then he yells,

“Erroneous! Erroneous! Humans haven’t displayed a higher conscience in a thousand years.”

Winston remorsefully says, “It’’s true! We have been interacting for almost a year. I believe we are developing a camaraderie.”

Alexander growls while wearing an enraged frown on his face.

“Dispose of him! That thing can rally others to rage against its owner. Kill that thing, Winston. NOW!”

Winston is in shock of the words that Alexander is spewing.

Winston whispers in horror, How would this make us better than them?”

“It would make us smarter than them. Strike the cancer down before it grows. Humans are our pets, not our equals.” Alexander scowls.

Winston says, “We speak of a utopia but you’re not open to include every living thing in it.”

“This is a utopia for ANINOIDS!

We built this for our children and legacies. Humanity had its time and look how that turned out!” Alexander screams.

Winston is giving Alexander an angry glance only to rebuttal,

“You’re a hypocrite for your ideology. You’re truly ignorant for your feelings.”

Alexander passionately pounds his striped chest with his right hand. With great fervor he roars out,

“THESE feelings are attached to FACTUAL historic moments!”

Alexander regains his composure once again then calmly continues,

“The holocaust, the trail of tears, atomic bombs, U.S. slavery, French revolution, the Christian crusade, ISIS, 9/11, school shootings, and police brutality were all the fear, hatred, and rage of humanity. If we allow history to repeat itself then we’ll find ourselves slaughter or in cages once again. My caution isn’t rooted in ignorance, it’s fueled by the hatred plagues of the old world. I will give my life before I’ll allow a glimpse of the old world to return.”

Alexander stands from his seat only to point to the window behind him. Alexander continues to wail out,

“I will not continue to sit here and allow that thing to live amongst us only to regain autonomy. All due apologies but I’ll give you a day to extinguish that savage or I will need to report you to the authorities.”

Alexander sternly wags his clawed finger down to a conflicted Winston, continuing his heated rant,

“Commandment One: Humans are PETS! Commandment Two: Humans shall not regain Humanity.”

Winston’s nose and ears wiggle in nervousness while Alexander storms out of Winston’s home. As Alexander storms out of the front door, he utters,

“Do understand, action needs to be performed. Curb the savage or I will need to report your betrayal to the High Ministry of Law. I wish you a good night, dear friend.”

Alexander slams the door behind himself so hard that the flames in the fireplace shift with the gust of wind. Winston takes a moment to stare into the vibrant flames as his mind wanders into deeper thoughts. The echoing of the sharp words from Alexander cut into his conscience. After a few moments pass, Winston makes his way outside to his barn with the moonshine leading his way. Winston opens the barn door, allowing the moonshine to illuminate into the cold barn. The vivid moonlight scatters the pale, nude Humans to find shelter and hide from their master. Winston whistles for his Human comrade. His pet Human indecisively makes his way to Winston. The Human tilts his head in curiosity as unsure Winston signs, “Sorry.”

Winston extends his arms to welcome his pet for embracing affection. Winston tightly hugs his favorite pet Human with loving remorse, only to utter,

“Sorry Adam.”

Adam whispers back to Winston, “Feeeeast.”

Winston is drawn back in awe as he slowly gawks at Adam, wearing a frightening expression on his flushed Pig face. Winston blurts,


Adam repeats himself louder and louder,


Wearing a demonic smile on his face, his tribe of pale Humans gather behind the favorite pet Human. Suddenly, Adam stabs Winston in his pot belly stomach violently. With each retracting stab, Adam removes a chunk of flesh from the stomach of Winston. Winston watches on in terrific horror, unable to scream. Adam’s tribesmen tackle Winston down to the barn floor, only to begin feasting on Winston’s bloody flesh and intestines. As Winston lies on the cold barn floor, tears trickle from his eyes. He reverts his gaze towards glimpsing stars twinkling in the abyss of the night sky. As his blood and life force gush out of his helpless body, Winston quietly utters,

“Humans ARE savages…”

As the dying whisper floats from the mouth of Winston, his whisper silently fades into the moonlight of darkness just as Winston’s soul follows.

|Human Farms| The Conversation

Author: Eli C. Briar

Artist: Jaz Malone


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